About Bright

Bright Technologies Limited was incorporated in July 2006 and started trading in December 2006. Our focus is on the provision of world class ICT business solutions to our clients. This includes genuine and quality software, hardware, accessories and solutions to fit every need and budget. We have in place a team of highly qualified dedicated personnel who are backed by leading associates.

Our Vision

To be a leading provider of superior integrated ICT products and solutions at affordable prices. We aim at becoming the market leaders in Kenya and the region.

Our Mission

To provide high quality products and services through highly innovative, dedicated and skilled professionals. Our team uphold integrity, teamwork and have a strong focus on customer service. It is through this team that we are able to deliver superior services to our clients.

Core Values

Working with Bright Technologies is a delightful experience! Here at Bright we are…


We are always open and truthful, we say what we do and we do what we say. Finally, we have nothing to hide and we behave responsibly.


For us, clarity comes through simplicity. We make the exceptional effort of communicating clearly in a direct way without any fluff and technical jargon.


We are passionate and confident about who we are and what we do. As such, we continuously evolve so we can make a positive difference in others.


We enjoy working and succeeding together by building close relationships with our customers. Relationships filled with laughter and purpose. Our main purpose is to meet the needs of our customers and doing it in a pleasant and fruitful way.


We constantly look to do things in a better way. We do this by giving colour to all that we do and we do it by pushing the boundaries and taking the risks.


We have built the reputation of being reliable and do not take that for granted. We continue to build open and lasting relationships as we carry on doing things the right way, always.


We draw inspiration from everywhere to better our delivery of service. We not only look inward to ourselves but also help others free their imagination and tap their potential.

The People

We have a team of highly qualified individuals with wide experience in various fields.

Our approach is holistic as it brings together the business world and ICT. As such, we have professionals in financial management, internal controls, strategy and marketing, and organizational development. As a result of working for various leading companies, our team has acquired significant industry experience. This is a team capable of providing each client with solutions from assessment to design to implementation. Find out more about the Bright team here.

Branch Network

Bright Technologies is currently based in Nairobi with future plans to expand to other counties in Kenya.